Henning Kerstan

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Copyright and Licensing

last updated on Sat, 23 Sep 2017, 14:44 CEST

Authorship and Copyright

Except where otherwise noted I am the sole author of the content of this website.

Some Rights Reserved

I greatly value free availability of both original research and educational material. Thus I will try to put the important parts of this website’s content (like e.g. teaching or research material) under permissive, free licenses. See below for more information depending on the content’s type.

If you are in doubt whether you can use my content for your purposes or if you require more rights or permissions than those granted, feel free to ask me.

Blog Posts

Each blog post might have a separate note on copyright and licensing. If no such note is present, you need to ask me for license rights.


For any of my publications you need to check the respective publication to find out details about authorship, copyright and licensing. Note that these rights may differ for different versions (preprint, original or extended version) or material (article or slides).

Static Pages

The static pages of this website contain personal information about me and thus I don’t see a reason why anyone else needs any rights to share or adapt them. If you’d nevertheless like to use some of it, feel free to ask me.