Henning Kerstan
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My exercisepoints package is available on CTAN


In the beginning of this year, I uploaded my exercisepoints LaTeX package to the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN).

The pack­age can be used to fa­cil­i­tate ex­er­cise count­ing and ex­er­cise point count­ing in a LATEX-doc­u­ment. It counts the num­ber of ex­er­cises and it sums all the points of the ex­er­cises in a doc­u­ment. Espe­cially for ex­ams it is also com­mon to have an overview of all ex­er­cises and their max­i­mal points. This is also sup­ported by this pack­age by pro­vid­ing a macro to re­trieve the points of each ex­er­cise.

Here are the links: