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This is the personal website of Dr. rer. nat. Henning Kerstan, Germany. You can contact me via email (mailhenningkerstan.de), or via phone (+49 203 87846129).


Have a look at the copyright page for information about authorship, copyright and licensing.

Data protection and privacy

As this is a personal website, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not apply (see Art. 2 (2) lit. (c) GDPR). I have nevertheless taken the best possible measures to avoid processing and storage of personal data. In particular, this page

However, there is some minimal processing and logging of metadata (see below) when you visit this website.

Data processed and logged when you visit this website

When you visit this website, your browser sends a request to the web server, on which this website is hosted. Such a request consists of

This website is hosted on a web server of netcup GmbH, Daimlerstraße 25, D-76185 Karlsruhe, netcup.de (“Netcup”). Netcup logs the above information and keeps them for 14 days.

I use mailbox.org for my emails

Since I use mailbox.org, any email you send to adresses on this domain (i.e. any adresses ending with @henningkerstan.de or @henningkerstan.org) will be handled by mailbox.org servers. Thus, your email will be processed by and stored on servers of Heinlein Hosting GmbH, Schwedter Straße 8/9A, 10119 Berlin.

Prior to 2023-05-20 I used Google Workspace. Therefore any email you sent to adresses on this domain (i.e. any adresses ending with @henningkerstan.de or @henningkerstan.org) were handled by Google servers. Thus, your email was processed by and stored on servers of

I use sipgate’s VoIP service for the provided phone number

The provided phone number +49 203 87846129 is a VoIP number provided by sipgate GmbH Gladbacher Str. 74, 40219 Düsseldorf which I forward to my mobile phone. Therefore sipgate will process your call, store call-related metadata and might even store a voice mail (if you choose to leave a message).

Do you have questions on data protection and privacy?

Feel free to contact me in case of any questions or concerns regarding data protection and privacy in relation to your use of this website.

Links to third party resources

This website contains links to external, third party resources (websites, images, pdf-files and other files). At the time of linking these resources, I have taken utmost care

However, please note that these resources are not under my control and I do not have the resources to permanently keep track of all changes. If you discover a broken link or discover that a link points to inappropriate material, just contact me and I will try to remedy the problem as soon as possible.